Driven by storytelling and imagery, Brittney Benton's music takes you on a journey through a lush melodic and harmonic soundscape, filled with personality at every turn.

Brittney is a senior studying music composition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With her experience as a pianist, she has explored writing for a variety of instruments and musical styles. She has a strong interest in working outside of the concert hall, especially in the realm of video game music.

Her music has been performed by the Beo String Quartet, Duo Zonda, and ZOFO.

She was recently awarded a Composer’s Showcase Scholarship for undergraduate composers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 2020, she was named the winner of PARMA Recordings Summer 2020 Call For Scores, and the winner of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus’ “Emerging Composer Competition” in 2021.

Recent summer festivals include the 2020 Charlotte New Music Festival and Connecticut Summerfest 2021.

Her principal teachers include Cynthia Wong, Diego Vega, and Jennifer Bellor. She has attended masterclasses with Richard Danielpour, Michael Torke, and Marc Mellits.

Brittney is currently working on a piece for chamber orchestra commissioned by the Lowell Chamber Orchestra.




Artist James McNeill Whistler painted Nocturne: Blue and Gold—Southampton Water in 1872. He saw a connection between music and artwork. He named many of his artworks after musical terms such as "arrangement", "symphony", and "harmony". Inspired by Whistler's art, "Nocturne in Blue and Gold" is a musical recreation of the painting, leaning into the murky and shadowy nature of the artwork. A repeating piano pattern and bass drum create a swirling well of sound that washes over the piece like waves, while the middle section represents the sun, the lonely dot of light, on the horizon.

Commissioned by Dr. Jennifer Bellor for a premiere on the November 15th, 2021 Nextet concert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.



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