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The Sentinel

1(picc).1.1.1. - harp - strings(

Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 6'


Commissioned by the Lowell Chamber Orchestra, The Sentinel is a multi-movement work that tells the story of a large, hulking sentinel awoken from its slumber.

The first movement, Looming, describes the tense moments before
the sentinel comes to life. Unyielding, the second movement, portrays
the mighty battle of the sentinel. In the last movement, Fading,
the sentinel is fading away, deactivating; falling back into slumber
until it is needed again.

It was premiered on December 21st, 2021 by the Lowell Chamber Orchestra.

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The Sentinel
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Available on "Miniature Symphonies"

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A picture of me (on the laptop) and members of the Lowell Chamber Orchestra.

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